Travel Cash Card

Manage your budget while travelling

Swirl MasterCard is the perfect Travel Cash tool for business and holiday travellers. Carrying cash abroad can be a nightmare as you run the risk of your cash being lost or stolen. A Swirl Mastercard is a convenient alternative to buying currency as traveller's cheques in dollars/sterling or any forieign currency as it allows you to access your funds at any ATM worldwide displaying the Mastercard® logo.

Safer than carrying Dollars $, Sterling £, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars ....or any currency

  • If your card is lost or stolen you can suspend it immediately to safeguard your fund
  • Chip & Pin for extra security when shopping in-store or withdrawing from ATMs
  • No link to your bank account so there is no risk to your personal details

Less risk of over-spending.....

  • Stick to your travel budget- no line of credit to fall back on
  • Only spend what you have loaded
  • Check you're on budget with 24/7 access to your online account.
  • Top up online via debit card or bank transfer if you're running short of funds.

Accepted worldwide - anywhere you see the Mastercard acceptance mark.....

  • Use your Swirl Mastercard to spend in shop, restaurants and hotels and over 30 million locations
  • Withdraw cash from over 1 million ATMs