About us

At SWIRL, our aim is to provide accessible and practical payment soloutions to both consumers and businesses within Ireland.

Our Story

Founded in Naas, Co. Kildare in 2005, Smart Transfer Ltd, operating as SWIRL Card, has emerged as Ireland’s leading prepaid payment card provider.

In late 2006, SWIRL introduced its first prepaid debit card, named Smart Transfer, in the UK. It was easily purchasable and reloadable through the Payzone retail network, making secure online payments accessible to a broader audience.

Building on the success of Smart Transfer, the Payzone Worldwide Money card was launched in the UK in early 2008, with enhanced features and functionality. This card was subsequently introduced in Ireland in early 2009, becoming the first prepaid card available in both Ireland and the UK

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What we do

In 2011, SWIRL introduced its flagship product, the SWIRL Card, as a chip & pin replacement for the Payzone Worldwide Money card. Today, it’s Ireland’s leading prepaid card. Available online or in over 1,000 nationwide stockists, the card is also reloadable at 2,000+ Payzone agents across Ireland.

Our priority is to offer cash loading options to remain accessible to a wide variety of customers. In 2016, we launched the SWIRL Worldwide Gift Card, a one-time load card usable online or in-store at millions of locations. This card has received praise from both general consumers and corporate customers. It offers recipients the flexibility to use their gift or reward wherever and whenever they want—the ultimate Gift of Choice!

At SWIRL, we take pride in working with a range of multinational companies on their rewards and incentive programs. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each organization. In 2019, we expanded our product portfolio with SWIRL Foreign Exchange, available in US Dollars and Sterling. SWIRL FX provides a hassle-free way to access foreign currency for online shopping, holidays, business trips, and more.

It offers an alternative to queuing at banks and post offices, allowing customers to lock in the best exchange rates, either online or at their local Payzone agent. In 2021, in response to changing market trends and the success of the SWIRL Mobile App, we introduced SWIRL Virtual. This service enables customers from multiple countries to access secure virtual cards for making online payments based on their personal needs—whether that’s secure shopping, managing subscriptions, budgeting, or getting the best value exchange rates

Our Products