What is a SWIRL Virtual Card?

Virtual Cards are a digital version of a SWIRL Prepaid Mastercard that can only be used to make online payments and transactions and can be topped-up and used instantly via the SWIRL Card App.

Couple Booking flights and accommodation with SWIRL Virtual Cards

Add an Extra Layer of Security

Why use your SWIRL Virtual Card to pay? 

Making Travel Plans? Use Virtual Card to Book

Virtual Cards provide the convenience of a traditional payment card without the physical plastic. Ideal for booking flights and allowing you to make reservations for hotels, Airbnb stays, or any other lodging option that accepts Mastercard payment.

SWIRL Virtual Cards are valuable tool for security-conscious travelers, ensuring a hassle-free and secure booking experience before and during your journeys.

Stress Free Online Shopping & Transactions

Online shopping made easy with SWIRL Virtual Cards - Safer way to shop