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Let's Break Down the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme

Maximise Employee Benefits with Tax-Free Rewards

Did you know that you can reward your employees with tax-free benefits? 

Thanks to the Government’s Small Benefit Exemption Scheme, companies in Ireland can now provide employees with non-cash benefits up to a certain value tax-free ! The SWIRL Mastercard Corporate Gift Card is the perfect solution for maximizing this exemption, offering a versatile and appealing reward for your team.

An employee holding up an SWIRL Corporate rewards Card!

What is the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme ?

The “Small Benefit Exemption Scheme” also known as the “Small Benefit Scheme” allows employers to provide a tax-exempt benefit to employees each year that is not subject to any Benefit-In-Kind (BIK) tax liability – either for the employee or the employer. Through the scheme, employers can award each employee with up to €1,000 per year across two qualifying benefits, such as gift cards 

Some important points to note when using the scheme include: 

  • Rewards can not exceed €1,000 per employee per year. 
  • Maximum threshold of 2 awards per employee.
  • Rewards must have no access to cash.
  • Reward must be in addition to an employees normal pay 
  • Details of the reward must be reported to Revenue (Find out more on this here.)

Tax Savings for Employers & Employees

As an employer in Ireland, you have the opportunity to save on tax and PRSI costs by utilising the Small Benefits Exemption Scheme. By taking advantage of this scheme, you can not only give your employees a meaningful gift but also reduce your tax and PRSI costs. 

As you can see from our savings table, rewarding with SWIRL Gift instead of with cash through Payroll can save up to €1313 per employee !

Cost to Reward €1000 Via: Payroll SWIRL Gift
PAYE @ 40%




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