Swirl Ireland's Favourite Prepaid Mastercard

How It Works

1. Select Payment Method

 You can place an order by IBAN or Credit/Debit Card payment.  For IBAN orders,  you will automatically receive an invoice in your inbox with our bank details in order to process the payment. Credit/Debit card payments can also be issued an invoice through our helpdesk

*When paying by IBAN Bank Transfer, cards cost €2.99 each and  you can select up to 8 denominations. Cards are free for orders > €4,500

When paying by card, cards cost €4.99 and you can select up to 4 denominations

2. Secure Your Funds

Your funds are deposited into a secure client funds wallet that is regulated by the Irish Central Bank.

3. Safe Delivery

Orders are then dispatched 5/7 days after receipt of

(Please note funds are not loaded until we receive confirmation of your safe delivery. You will receive a link along with your confirmation email to confirm your delivery. Cards cannot be registered before this confirmation)

Small Benefits Exemption

As an employer in Ireland, you have the opportunity to save on tax and PRSI costs by utilizing the Small Benefits Exemption Scheme. This scheme enables employers to provide their employees with a tax-free non-cash gift, such as SWIRL up to the value of €1000. By taking advantage of this scheme, you can not only give your employees a meaningful gift but also reduce your tax and PRSI costs. 

Under the scheme these benefits must be non-cash and the total value of the two benefits cannot exceed €1,000. If more than two benefits are given in a year, only the first two will qualify for tax-free status. Any remaining allowance cannot be carried over to the next year

It is important to note that tax-free vouchers or benefits can only be used for purchasing goods or services and cannot be exchanged for cash. To see how much you can save with a €1000 SWIRL prepaid gift card, check out the savings.

Your Employees are sure to find something they love with SWIRL Mastercard Gift Cards which can be used at over 45 million outlets nationwide and online, Employees also enjoy using our cards on holidays as they work anywhere that accepts Mastercard. You can contact our sales team at sales@swirlcard.com

Account Fees

Account Maintenance Fees

Online RegistrationPIN ReissueMonthly Account Fee

Transaction Fees

** 12 months after the date on which the card was activated, a €3.50 monthly account fee will start to be applied to your card. This fee will not be applied to your account if there are no funds available.

IBAN Order Fees

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Total Load Value Card Fee Admin Fee Bulk Delivery Individual Delivery
€4,500 & Under
€ 1.50 Per Card
Over €4,500
€19.99 for orders less than 100 card & €24.99 for orders greater than 100 cards.
€ 1.50 Per Card
Comparison table showing potential savings by using SWIRL Mastercard gift card to reward employees