Register with eFlow


Enjoy the freedom of barrier free tolling with Swirl Mastercard

The easiest and cheapest way to pay is to register in advance for a video account. Use your Swirl Mastercard to register an account and avoid the risk of incurring non-payment charges or penalties. Registering couldn’t be easier. Just complete the following simple steps:

  • Go to
  • Under Video Registration please click on the Register Now button
  • At the bottom of the page you will be asked to fill in your payment details
  • Select Mastercard as your payment type and provide eFlow with the following credit card details:
    • 16 digit Mastercard number
    • Expiry Date
    • CVV code (last three digits found on back of your card)
  • Click the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Click Accept and Submit

Your Swirl Mastercard will automatically be set up with an eFlow account so each time you pass through the toll your card will automatically be charged the required fee. There is no need to worry about paying the fee before 8pm the following evening- all the work is already done for you.

Pay As You Go

Alternatively if you do not want to register an account with eFlow you can always use your Swirl MasterCard for the “Pay As You Go” option.

Payment is easy- you can pay online or over the phone using your Prepaid Mastercard.

  • Click on the “Pay Now” button under the “Pay As You Go” section of the website.
  • Give your vehicle registration and credit card details
  • Charge will automatically be deducted from your card
  • Remember, your toll must be paid by 8pm the following day otherwise you will incur a penalty charge