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The SWIRL App offers a speedy and straightforward account creation process, providing instant access to virtual cards which can be topped-u instantly. Once your account is set up, you’ll receive a FREE prepaid Mastercard within 2-3 working days to your registered address. It’s that simple!

Easy to Use.

Top-up at your local Payzone retailer, in-app or via bank transfer

Powered by Mastercard

Use at over 45 million Mastercard locations

Safe and Secure

Add an extra layer of security when you pay online or in-store

Withdraw cash from ATM's worldwide

Simple & Accessible 

No risk of overspending - You can only spend what you top-up

Manage your money via the SWIRL Card App

The perfect travel companion!

No risk of over spending or getting into debt

Send funds instantly to friends and family

Top-up & start using your SWIRL Virtual card in-app

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What are the
benefits of using SWIRL card?

Shop Securely Online

Everybody knows that the best deals are found online. SWIRL Mastercard is designed to allow you to shop safely online and avail of those bargains without risking your bank or credit card details.

Subscription Services
& Gaming Sites

Travel Companion

SWIRL Mastercard is a convenient alternative to carrying cash as it allows you to access your funds at any ATM worldwide displaying the Mastercard logo.

Avoid Debt

SWIRL’s prepaid card allows you to only spend what you have on your account therefore eliminating the possibility of credit card debt. Why stress yourself out worrying about your ever growing credit card balances.

Save Money

Choosing to use a Prepaid Mastercard allows you to save money – a real alternative to an increasing credit card balance. With SWIRL Mastercard you wont incur any interest charges, administration or late payment fees.

* Based on an average credit card balance of €1,600 per annum

Check out our
SWIRL Virtual

Get a virtual card for FREE exclusively via the SWIRL App. Your Virtual card is available instantly and is designed to provide you with all the functionality of your physical card in virtual form. Use SWIRL Virtual to make secure online payments, manage subscriptions, track your spending and manage your funds conveniently. Simply login to your account on the SWIRL Card App to try it today.

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Contactless Chip & PIN Card

SMS Balance Enquiry

Chat Online or In-App

SMS Alerts

Instant Card Transfers

Free Virtual Card Instantly

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