Swirl Card Uses / New To Ireland

Our Swirl prepaid Mastercard card offers you a great alternative to a credit card and bank account with a guaranteed application process.

If you've just arrived in the Ireland, you'll need an account to pay your wages into and a card to pay for everything from a place to stay, to a mobile phone. Getting a bank account can be a hassle, but a Swirl which can help you get settled in all sorts of ways:

Instant Approval - 100% guaranteed*

  • No credit checks, no bank account or identity documents are required to open an account
  • No minimum income or employment needed
  • If you're aged 16+ and now live in the Ireland, you're guaranteed to be approved

Have wages paid into your card's account

  • Top up your Swirl Account with your own or your partner's wages
  • Quicker and cheaper than cashing cheques
  • It's safer than carrying your wages around in cash
  • Budgeting's easy - just withdraw what you need
  • Get a unique IBAN Number to give to your employer

Save time on paying bills

  • Make annual or regular payments
  • Pay for utilities such as electricity, gas and water bills online