Teach kids about money and spending with SWIRL

  • Allows kids to use their pocket money or cash gifts on sites like Playstation, Nintendo, Smyths and more.
  • Use Swirl Prepaid Mastercard to avoid exposing your bank details to sites your kids like to use
  • Set a budget and stick to it. Funds are pre loaded so there's no risk of overspending or unexpected charges.
  • Top up with cash in stores nationwide or by debit card online and use anywhere that Mastercard is accepted - in shops, online, at ATMs and while abroad.
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Set up in 3 easy steps

  • Get your card online or purchase in store at over 1400 Payzone outlets nationwide
  • Complete a simple online activation
  • Top up your card and it’s ready to use
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Extra benefits

  • Ideal for travelling and school trips. Can be topped up instantly and used in store or at ATMs.
  • Save towards bigger purchases and learn to manage their money.
  • Securely pay for their games and subscriptions online.
  • 24/7 account access via the Swirl app. View transactions, suspend card and view the PIN code instantly if needed.
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Download Mobile APP

With our SWIRL App, you have instant access to your account where you can view your transactions no matter where you are. This will help with keeping track of your spending and knowing when your bills and subscriptions are due.

  • View Transactions
  • View Bills
  • Upgrade Limit
  • Reveal IBAN
  • View Subscriptions
  • Reveal PIN Code
  • Suspend Card
  • Live Chat

Our Products

SWIRL Prepaid Mastercard

SWIRL Prepaid Mastercard

Employee Gift Card

SWIRL Gift Card

SWIRL FX (Sterling)

SWIRL FSX (Sterling)

SWIRL FX (Dollar)

SWIRL FX (Dollar)

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