SWIRL Mastercard FAQs

SWIRL Card is a prepaid MasterCard that will let you top up and make payments online, in store and withdraw cash from over 30 million locations worldwide. Learn more here

You can order a card online here or purchase a card from over 2000 payzone agents nationwide. You can find your nearest agent here
Yes, to use the card you will need to complete a short online registration and then it's ready to use straight away.
You customer number can be found on the back of your card in the bottom right hand corner.
Yes, your SWIRL card gives you access to cash from over 2 millions ATMs worldwide.
You can top up with cash in payzone stores, by debit card online or by bank transfer.
You can see all card costs and fees here
To log in you'll need to make sure you are registered and are entering your 13 digit customer number (from the back of your card) and your password that you created during registration. If you see "unauthorised" or "invalid credentials" you will just need to reset your password here
You can log in to your SWIRL account at any time online or from the SWIRL App. You'll find all your transactions here and can track your spending and view your balance. You can also retrieve your balance by text. Simply text "balance" and the last 4 digits of your customer number to 51155.
The PIN code for the card is issued by text message once you have registered. If you do not have your PIN you can reissue it from within your online account or view it in the SWIRL app.
Alternatively, you can text "PINCODE" followed by the last 4 digits of your customer number to 51155 and your code will be sent to you by text.
You can suspend your card in your online account and then please contact our helpdesk to have a replacement card sent to you.

Your card can be used at over 30 million locations worldwide ! This includes online, in stores and at ATMs.

Some merchants are excluded for regulatory reasons based on their merchant code. These include:

  • Money Transfer Sites
  • Prepay/pay at pump fuel dispensers
  • "Quasi Cash Merchants" such as Coinbase, Binance etc
  • US basedGambling/Gaming sites
  • Video entertainment rental Stores

You may also experience difficulty using your card in the following countries/territories:

Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Burundi, Central African Republic, China, Crimea, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Guinea – Bissau, Haiti, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Maldives, Mali, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Palestine, Qatar, Russia, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe

You can suspend your card in your SWIRL App to prevent any further unauthorised transactions. If you don't have access to the SWIRL App, please contact our helpdesk through e-mail, live chat or by phone and we can help with this. You can also use these channels to contact us and we will arrange for a free replacement card to be sent to you.
You should first contact the merchant directly as this is usually the fastest method of having your funds returned in cases where the transactions are unauthorised or if you haven't received goods or services paid for. If the merchant is unable/unwilling to help you, you can contact our helpdesk and we will assist you with opening a dispute for the transaction/transactions. You will need to contact us and return the relevant dispute form within 60 days of the transaction.
Not at all ! You can choose to top up when ordering or top up once your card arrives.
If you have made a payment but the merchant hasn't received it or they have advised there is an issue with the order, your transaction may be pending. The funds will usually return to your balance after 7 days. Please contact our helpdesk for more information.
This is no problem once the transaction to be refunded was made with the card originally. Once the refund is processed, the funds will return to your card automatically.
You can view your recent transactions in your account online or in the Swirl app or contact our helpdesk.
You can withdraw up to €500 per day from the ATM
If you are loading in store or by debit card, you can top up by €1000 per day.
Once registered, you can load up to €2,500 per 12 months. This is a rolling limit.
You can order a SWIRL card here. they normally arrive in 1-2 working days.
When ordering, you will need to enter the details of the person who will be using the card.
  • Log in to your Swirl account online or in the Swirl app.
  • Select "Top up Via Bank transfer" from the menu if you are on the website or choose "services and reveal IBAN" in the app.
  • Use your unique IBAN details to set up your bank transfer or provide these details to the party sending your payment.
  • You'll receive an e-mail once your funds are loaded to your card.
We would always suggest checking ahead with your chosen car hire company as this will differ from desk to desk.
Of course ! Just enter your card details as normal when prompted at the payment stage.
You can only have one card registered to your name at any time. You can have up to three cards in a life time and up to 4 cards per household*. If you require more information please contact our Customer Service Helpdesk +353 (0) 1 687 7985.
*The total loading limit per individual is €2,500 (€25,000 for certified customers), regardless of how many cards you have. You cannot exceed this limit by registering and upgrading multiple cards in your name.
We recommend redeeming the remaining funds by using up all available funds in-store, online or through an ATM. Additional information is available in the Terms and Conditions in your welcome pack. There is a €15 redemption fee for cashing out remaining funds on the account into your bank account.
If you are topping up with cash in store, you can load &euro500 per transaction and load up to €1000 per day. If transferring by IBAN you can load €1000 per transfer/per day.
If you top up in store or by debit card your funds will load to your card right away.Bank transfers will take 1-2 business days to reach your card.
Simply log in to your SWIRL account online or in the mobile app and go to the "top up via debit card" section. You can choose the amount you want and then proceed to enter your payment details.
Please make sure there are no spaces at the beginning or end of your e-mail. This should resolve the issue.
You'll be asked for your name, date of birth, address, phone number and e-mail. That's it !

As long as you are over 16 years of age and are resident in Ireland, you can register a card. You won't need to fill in any lengthy forms or provide any documents when ordering or purchasing a card in store or ordering from swirlcard.com

In some instances, we may require a copy of ID, proof of address or proof of your source of funds

Yes, you can add a top up to your online order or add a top up when getting the card in store. Just complete the short online registration then and you're ready to use the card.
Yes, you can use your SWIRL card worldwide !
You can find all Terms and Conditions here
It stands for Payment Services Directive Two and is a European regulation for electronic payment services. Its aim is to make payments more secure and improve consumer protection and technologies for the financial sector.
When making a payment online, you may be asked to validate the payment by an additional security factor. This may be a one time passcode (OTP) sent to your mobile phone or you may see a list of transactions and be asked to confirm a recent transaction you have made.
The PSD2 legislation aims to make payments more secure for consumers and reduce fraud and loss of funds. The directive will also encourage organisations in the financial sector to implement better technology and encourage competition.
It's not possible to opt out unfortunately.
First it's best to check you have your correct phone number registered with us. YOu can view this in your online account on the SWIRL App or on Swirlcard.com. If your phone number is correct and you still haven't received the code, you can contact our helpdesk and we can assist further.
Please contact our helpdesk by live chat, contact form or e-mail and we'll get it updated for you as soon as possible.
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a security measure that improves your protection when accessing your account online. You may receive an sms code that will need to be entered online in order to verify your login on the SWIRL App.
It's not possible to opt out unfortunately.
Please check that your phone number is correct in your online account and that your phone is powered on/has sufficient reception to receive the code.
Yes, Face/Touch ID can be used in the SWIRL App which can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.
Yes ! You can use the FREE SWIRL App to transfer funds from your account.
You can transfer funds to any other SWIRL account holder using their mobile number.
Funds will arrive instantly in the recipients SWIRL account.
In the unlikely event of this happening, please contact out helpdesk via e-mail or live chat.
Transfers are FREE !
Yes, you can send Euro, US Dollar or sterling.

SWIRL Gift Card FAQs

The SWIRL gift card can be loaded once only.
You can top up between €10 and €500.
You can register multiple Gift Cards provided the balance across all cards does not exceed €2,500. If you reach this threshold, you will need to provide photo identification in order to register and load further Gift Cards.
Once the card is registered, you can log in to your account online or in the SWIRL app. You cabn also text the word "Balance" and the last 4 digits of your customer number to 51155.
The card can be used online as normal, just enter your card details and the cvv. In store, you can swipe your card through the machine and a receipt will print for you to sign.
Please contact our dedicated helpdesk or send an e-mail to info@swirlcard.com and we will be happy to help.
This is no problem once the original payment was made using your gift card.
The gift card is free. You will just pay a €2.99 loading fee.
Please contact our dedicated helpdesk or send an e-mail to info@swirlcard.com and we will be happy to help.
You can order a card online here or purchase a card from Payzone retailers nationwide.
Orders normally arrive within 1-2 days.
Please contact our dedicated helpdesk or send an e-mail to info@swirlcard.com and we will be happy to help.
We find many companies use our card successfully for this purpose. The gift card has no access to cash from the ATM but we would always advise to consult with your tax advisors in relation to this.
SWIRL GIFT does not have a chip/PIN. In store, it is used as a swipe and sign card.

SWIRL Foreign Exchange FAQs

Our FX cards are available in US Dollar ($) and Pound sterling (£)
There are no point of sale fees when your payment is made in the local currency. Loading will cost €2.99 in store or 99cent online through your account with a debit card.
You can order a card online here or purchase a card from Payzone retailers nationwide.
The exchange rate is updated every 30 seconds to give you the best and most competitive rates available. This will differ from day to day and will always be shown to you before you top up, whether that's online or in store.
You will make your payment in euro and your chosen currency will be loaded to your card. The exchange rate will be presented to you before any money is loaded to your card.
Cash loading isn't available abroad but you can top up instantly using your debit card for just 99cent.
With a SWIRL FX card, you can lock in the best exchange rates when topping up. You can then spend abroad in the local currency and wont incur any currency exchange fees. SWIRL FX also allows you to load funds in advance for saving and also to keep funds separate while abroad.
Watch this space ! IBAN loading will be available soon.
We can replace your card free of charge. Please contact our helpdesk.
You can top up with cash in payzone retailers nationwide or through your online account using a debit card.
You will make your payment in euro and your chosen currency will be loaded to your card. The exchange rate will be presented to you before any money is loaded to your card.

SWIRL Virtual Card FAQs

SWIRL Virtual has been designed to offer you all of the functionality of your physical card but in virtual form. SWIRL Virtual is an even more secure way to make payments and is great for managing funds and payments.
Simply log in to the SWIRL App and select a virtual card from the drop down menu at the top of your screen. You can then load funds and use your virtual card to make payments.
Virtual cards are available for FREE in your account on the SWIRL App.
SWIRL Virtual is currently available in Euro, US Dollar and Sterling.
Yes, you can have a card in each currency but the total loaded across your account cannot exceed €2,500 without upgrading your card limit. You can upgrade your limit in the SWIRL App in the "services" menu.

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