Credit Card Debt

Have you found yourself depending too much on credit cards and enjoying the freedom of BUY NOW, PAY LATER?
If so then maybe it's time you started thinking about getting a Swirl Prepaid Mastercard!! Although you may enjoy
the convenience of having a credit card, your spending can quickly spiral out of control. If you're feeling the pressure of growing debt, then now is a great time to try and break free from it with Swirl Mastercard.

Here are a few reasons to dump your credit card:

Credit Card Stamp Duty:

€30 per annum on regular credit card.

Credit Card Interest:

The average balance on an Irish credit card is €1,600. Interest is paid at a rate of 18% which means credit card users pay an average of €288 interest per annum.

Impulse Purchases:

Late night ATM withdrawals, shopping online and nights out on credit can be excessively expensive when you use a regular credit card.

Late Payment Fees:

Nothing is more frustrating than having to pay additional fees simply because your payment was a day late.

Swirl Card Stamp Duty:

Max charge of €5 on Swirl Mastercard; save €25

Swirl Card Interest Free:

Swirl Card is a Prepaid alternative to credit cards. Since you cannot run up any debt with a Swirl card, you never need to pay interest!

No Impulsive Purchases:

With Swirl Prepaid Mastercard you can only spend what you load so if you have no money on the card you can't spend it.

No Late Payment Fees:

Avoid these fees and punitive interest rates by using a Swirl Prepaid Mastercard.