Swirl Card / Change of Issuer


21 December 2018

Dear Cardholder,

You currently have a SWIRL Prepaid Mastercard issued by Catella Bank S.A. (hereinafter Catella) in cooperation with Smart Transfer Ltd. on a licence from Mastercard. We are writing to let you know that issuance of SWIRL cards will, in the future, be performed by PerfectCard DAC (hereinafter PerfectCard ). This means that your relationship with the issuer of the SWIRL card will be moved from Catella to PerfectCard whilst Smart Transfer Ltd. remains the program manager of the product.

What does this mean for you?

You will be able to continue using your current SWIRL card until 12 April 2019. Before such date, Smart Transfer Ltd. will send you a new card for your use.

The Terms and Conditions for use of the SWIRL card will be amended to implement the switch of Issuer. The switch of Issuer will not generate any additional costs for you and none of the SWIRL card fees are being increased. The Terms and Conditions of the new Issuer will be available soon on this website and will apply from 12 April 2019.

Our processing of your personal data in connection with your use of the SWIRL card is subject to the rules of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Catella is, today, the data controller for processing of your personal data. In connection with transferring your agreement with Catella to PerfectCard, your personal data processed by Catella will also be transferred. The transfer of your personal data, including the continued processing of your personal data by PerfectCard is done to fulfill the contract with you, cf. GDPR article 6 (1) paragraph b. PerfectCard will also be subject to legal requirements to process certain personal data about you in accordance with applicable legislation (including money laundering legislation) pursuant to GDPR article 6 (1) paragraph c.

Upon migration your personal data will therefore continue to have the same level of protection as today, and you will have the right to demand access, erasure and rectification of your personal data in accordance with your rights under the GDPR. After migration, we also note that you have the right to submit a complaint about the processing of your personal data to the DPC in Ireland via post to 21 Fitzwilliam Square South, Dublin 2, D02 RD28. The DPC recommends that complaints are first brought forward to the enterprise of which the complaint concerns. We will of course be at your disposal for handling such complaints. For more information regarding the processing of your personal data (including what personal data we process about you), see the Privacy Policy available here

If you do not wish to continue to use your SWIRL card with PerfectCard as the Issuer, you have the right to terminate the agreement immediately and without charge. In such case, please let us know by 30 January 2019 by sending an email to us at info@swirlcard.com. If we do not receive such message that you oppose the transfer of your customer relationship, we will assume that you have consented to the transfer. You will further be deemed to have agreed to the new Terms and Conditions by continued use of your SWIRL card.

Any card without a balance, that has been inactive for a period of greater than one year, will be automatically closed, and the agreement with Catella terminated, on the 12th April 2019. Cardholders that fall into this category will receive a seperate notification in relation to the termination.

Do you have any questions?

For more information about the changes, please contact our customer service by writing to info@swirlcard.com.

We thank you for being a valuable cardholder, and will continue to work at ensuring that you have the best product for all your spending needs.

Kind Regards,
Customer Service
Catella Bank S.A.