Shop online, in-store & withdraw from ATMs anywhere that accepts Mastercard without
the hassle of changing currency at the bank or Post Office.

CompetitiveExchange Rates

Mobile App for easytracking of funds

No purchasefee

Contactless and Chip& PIN protected

No filling outforms

How to Get a card

You can purchase a card at your nearest Payzone Stockist. Simply select the amount you wish to top up, pay in Euro and the Sterling or Dollars will be topped up to your card instantly.

Order online here, select your top up amount and activate it online or via the Mobile App when you receive it. Your card will be topped up instantly with the Sterling / Dollars you requested.

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How to activate your card

  • Register your card through your Mobile App or online, this will only take a minute.

  • Please note you will need to have the mobile number provided with you to confirm a validation code.

  • Once the code has been confirmed, you can reload up to €2,500 within a 12 month period. Your 4 digit PIN will be sent by text to your mobile phone once registration is complete.

How to activate your Card

Benefits of swirl Card

Pay Safely Online

Mastercard is accepted worldwide

Set a budget and stick to it

No risk of over-spending

Pay Now, Buy later

No penalties or late payment fees
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Customer Testimonials

It was so easy. I just picked up the SWIRL Foreign Exchange card in my local Centra and topped it up with £350 for my trip to the UK. I paid the shop in euro and the exchange rate was really reasonable. It saved me having to try get to the Bank or Post Office during the week. I'd definitely top it up again.

I had ordered dollars for a trip to New York from my local Post Office but they had left me $500 short. I ordered the SWIRL Foreign Exchange Card online and had it the following day. The activation process was simple and the $500 was available on my card instantly. I was able to spend my money in shops, restaurants and withdraw cash when I needed it. It really is a quick and easy way to get foreign currency.

I order a lot online from shops based in the UK so the sterling SWIRL Foreign Exchange card is perfect me. I top it up through the App and know exactly what I have to spend before I start shopping. Paying the exchange rate up front, rather than on each transaction, definitely saves you money.