Manage your Spending with Swirl Mastercard

Have you found yourself depending too much on credit cards and enjoying the freedom of BUY NOW, PAY LATER? If so then maybe it's time you started thinking about getting a Swirl Prepaid Mastercard!! Although you may enjoy the convenience of having a credit card your spending can quickly spiral out of control. If you're feeling the pressure of growing debt, then now is a great time to try and break free from it with Swirl Mastercard.

What's the difference between Swirl Card and a credit/debit card?

The Swirl Card is prepaid meaning you physically cannot overdraw your balance or incur extortionate interest charges as you can on credit card payments. The concept is very simple:

  • Load your available budget onto your card
  • Spend the funds as required
  • Incur no running costs and avoid the risk of over-spending

How to manage your money with your Swirl Card?

The Swirl Prepaid Mastercard® can be used for all aspects of budgeting and responsible cost planning. You can use it on an ad-hoc basis for individual occasions such as holidays or more frequently to control your weekly/monthly running costs or household expenditure.

Loading and spending your funds 24/7

You'll receive a full online facility giving you access to your statements 24/7 from anywhere in the world. From there you'll be able to track your weekly or monthly budget and have complete visibility over your spending. No interest or overdraft fees will be applied,

When you buy your Swirl Mastercard, remember:

  • There are no lengthy forms to be filled out
  • Only your name, address, phone number and email address are required
  • Apply in less than five minutes and get your card within two working days