Benefits / Swirl Mastercard

Secure Online Shopping

Looking for a bargain?

  • Swirl Mastercard is designed to allow you to shop safely at 30 Million locations and avail of those bargains without risking your bank or credit card details.

  • Swirl opens you up to a virtual world of spending giving you a much vaster selection of goods at cheaper prices..

Use on PayPal & eBay

  • You can link your card to PayPal and use on eBay or any online store that accepts PayPal. Bag the best deals and bargains on eBay.

Cheap Flights

  • Search online for the best deals when purchasing flights this year.
  • Use your Swirl Mastercard to book those last minute cheap offers with Ryanair and Aer Lingus or any other airline that accepts Mastercard.

Insurance, Motor Tax, NCT, eFlow, tolling & more...

Source the best rates for your car insurance online and avail of cheaper insurance when using your Swirl Mastercard. You can also

  • book your Driver Theory Test,
  • NCT,
  • make toll payments,
  • eFlow
  • and pay your Motor Tax online

all with your Swirl Mastercard.

Best Prepaid Credit Card For Shopping Online | Swirl

It couldn't be simpler.....

Your Swirl Mastercard can be used to shop online anywhere that Mastercard is accepted. Choose from a variety of online shopping sites such as

  • Amazon, Littlewoods, Itunes, and more!
  • Set a budget and stick to it!
  • Simply top up your card each time you need a "refill".
  • Track your spending and balance 24/7 .