Bad Credit

Is a bad credit rating affecting your access to a credit card?

A bad credit rating can affect your access to traditional sources of finance such as debit or credit cards. This restriction can seriously reduce your financial options. With Swirl's Prepaid Mastercard your previous credit history doesn't matter!! There is 100% acceptance once you are over the age of 16 and reside in the Republic of Ireland with a valid Passport or Driver's Licence*.

Using a Swirl Prepaid Mastercard couldn't be easier.....

  • Purchase a card either online or from your nearest participating store
  • No documents or credit check required
  • Register your card online and wait for your verification code to arrive in the post
  • Once verified you can start topping up your card to a value of €2,500
  • Start enjoying the benefits of controlled, debt free shopping

Control your spending and avoid debt.....

  • Set yourself a budget and stick to it!!
  • No fear of over-spending as you can only spend what you load
  • Avoid interest charges and late payment fees as all your payments are Prepaid
  • No link to a bank account so there is no risk to your personal details
  • Pay now, buy later

* We can only accept your Driver's Licence if it is issued in Ireland, the UK or Sweden