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About Swirl

Smart Transfer Ltd. trading as Swirl, was established in 2005 and is the leading provider of prepaid payment cards in Ireland and the UK. Based in Naas, County Kildare, Ireland, the company has a long track record of delivering innovative prepaid cards for both the end consumer and corporate markets.

Swirl introduced its first prepaid debit card, called Smart Transfer, in the UK in late 2006. It was available for purchase and load on the Payzone retail network across the UK.

Following on from the success of Smart Transfer, the Payzone Worldwide Money card was launched in the UK in early 2008, with improved product features and functionality. The Payzone Worldwide Money card was then launched in Ireland in early 2009 and was the first prepaid card to be available in both Ireland and the UK.

Swirl's flagship product is the Swirl Mastercard, which was launched in Ireland in May 2011, as a chip & pin replacement for the Payzone Worldwide Money card and is now the leading prepaid card in Ireland. The card is available for purchase online or in over 1,000 stockists nationwide. The card can be topped up in over 1,800 Payzone merchants nationwide as well. Swirl Mastercard was launched in the UK in 2013 and is the only prepaid card that can be loaded in both Ireland and the UK.

Swirl also runs a number of corporate rewards and incentive programmes for large multi-nationals.

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