How to top up a prepaid mastercard

Why top up from you bank account?

  • Convenient and secure.
  • Save the transfer details in your online banking so that your next transfer is even quicker.
  • Top up any single amount between €1-€2,500, no more need to perform multiple transactions at a Payzone agent for large top-ups.
  • Top up your card while on holiday.
  • No risk in carrying large amounts of cash to a shop in order to top up.
  • Send the MasterCard to friends and family abroad and top it up using your bank account - a much cheaper alternative to traditional money transfer services.

How To Top Up Using Your Bank Account

Topping up your card from your bank account is easy. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Log into your online account through the website or mobile app and click on 'Bank Top Up'/'Reveal IBAN'.
  2. Retrieve our bank's details and your unique IBAN.
  3. Use these details to set up a bank transfer through your online banking.

Important Information: Please Read!

  • Our issuing bank, Banking Circle. is based in Germany so when setting up your transfer you need to select "SEPA Transfer".
  • We cannot currently accept "Urgent" transfers so please ensure to select "Standard" for each transfer you make.
  • Transfers to Swirl Cards will typically take between 1-2 working days to appear on your card.

If you have any questions or need more information send us an e-mail: or use our Live Webchat customer service tool.

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