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Why Choose Swirl?

Top 10 reasons to choose Swirl Mastercard.....

  1. You can purchase a SWIRL card in-store for €5.95 and load up to €250 INSTANTLY. Quick online activation required.
  2. SWIRL card comes with chip and pin for extra security and wider acceptance when shopping in-store. This is an extra level of security brought to you by SWIRL to ensure acceptance on a much broader scale. This feature also prevents fraud.
  3. SWIRL card is a cheaper means of payment for larger purchases. The maximum purchase fee you will ever be charged on your card is €2.95.
  4. SWIRL card guarantees instant approval to all customers who are over the age of 16 and reside in the Republic of Ireland with a valid Passport or Driver's Licence* number. Open an account without documents, interviews or delays.
  5. We have worked to provide all our customers with the most convenient and accessible locations to load your Swirl Mastercard. We have approximately 2,500 agents nationwide that will be able to load your card. Please visit our agent locator at www.swirlcard.com.
  6. The Swirl Mastercard is accepted at over 30 million locations worldwide (anywhere that Mastercard is accepted). Whether you enjoy staying at home or travelling abroad you can use your Swirl Mastercard for all your payment needs.
  7. With Swirl Mastercard you can make credit and debit transactions, check your balance and withdraw from over 1 million ATMs displaying the Mastercard logo.
  8. Swirl Mastercard allows customers to shop online. You aren't limited anymore on what you can buy because the Swirl Mastercard allows you the freedom to shop online anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.
  9. SWIRL card can be used to share money with family and loved ones living overseas. Once your account has been verified you can request for a separate loading card to be issued to you or you can top up online using your Debit card. This will allow you to continue topping up the account once you have sent the Mastercard to them.
  10. Dedicated Irish Helpdesk available to assist with any issues (Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm)

* We can only accept your Driver's Licence if it is issued in Ireland, the UK or Sweden.