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Swirl Card Uses / Online Gambling

Swirl Prepaid: the safe way to gamble online

Why not use Swirl prepaid MasterCard for gambling online, it's a private and secure way to put bets on. Fancy a flutter on anything from horse racing to boxing? The Swirl prepaid card's ideal. With 100% instant approval, you're guaranteed* to get a Swirl Prepaid MasterCard.

Please set your gambling limits and stick to them!

  • Top up with your own cash
  • Only gamble what you put on the card

Private and secure

  • No statements posted
  • No link to your main bank account.
  • Track spending and your balance 24/7 online. Only you see your transactions

Collect your winnings on your card

  • Transfer your winnings to your card by using the unique IBAN that come with your Swirl card.
  • Top up your card account at over 2,300 locations across the Ireland, Online or by bank transfer.