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How it Works / Swirl MasterCard

Get a Card

  • Purchase a card today at any participating Payzone outlet for €5.95. Alternatively you can order a card online for FREE (minimum top up €10 required).
  • The card pack comes with a MasterCard that allows you to load once up to €250 onto the card instantly. In order to spend these funds you must register your card online at www.swirlcard.com.
  • Once this has been done your funds will be available to spend online, in-store or over the phone.


  • All we need is some basic information such as your name, address, email address, profession and a Passport or Driver's Licence* number.
  • Once you've registered successfully we will send a verification code to your address**. You will need to confirm that you have received this code either through your online account or by texting CONFIRM followed by your 5 digit verification code to 51155 (standard network charges apply).
  • Once your code has been confirmed you will be able to reload up to €2,500 onto your card in a 12 month rolling period, and use your card for ATM withdrawals.

* We can only accept your Driver's Licence if issued in Ireland, UK or Sweden.

**Please note, verification codes can only be sent to residential addresses. We will phone you to confirm your registration details prior to sending out your verification code. In some cases verification codes will not be issued if details cannot be confirmed.

**Please note, customers who order their card online don't need to wait for a verification code as the account will be fully activated once registration has been completed.

Topping up

  • Simply go to one of 2,500 Payzone agents across Ireland with your MasterCard®. Find your nearest top-up location agent by clicking here.
  • You can also top up your card online using your Debit card for only 99 cents or for FREE by transferring funds directly from your bank account.
  • You can load up to €250 pre registration. Once your card has been successfully registered and verified you can load up to €2,500 per rolling 12 month period. The maximum single top up amount at Payzone retailers is €500, however, multiple transactions can be performed if needed.
  • You can apply to increase your top up limit to €7,500 by logging into your online account and completing the short questionnaire and submitting it to us along with a picture of your Passport or Driving Licence. Your request will be processed within 5-8 working days.
  • When topping up at Payzone outlets, or online with your Debit card, your funds will be INSTANTLY available on your MasterCard®. However, transfers from your bank account will take 2-3 days to clear onto your account.
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Spend Money

  • Once your card has been registered online you can use your SWIRL MasterCard® to make purchases online, in-store and over the phone.
  • Once you have confirmed receipt of your verification code you can also use your card to withdraw money from ATMs worldwide*.
  • The SWIRL MasterCard® can be used anywhere in the world where the MasterCard® logo is displayed. Please refer to our "Costs & Fees" section for information on charges associated with making transactions on your card.

*The ATM limit on your card will be €1,000. This is the maximum you will be permitted to withdraw from your card in any 12 month period. All other funds can be spent either online or in-store. If you wish to increase the ATM limit on your card you can apply to have your limit increased to €7,500.