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Benefits / Swirl MasterCard

Share Money

Swirl MasterCard is the most secure, fastest and cost effective way for you to share money with loved ones worldwide.

Your friends or family will be able to use the funds at over 30 million locations and 1 million ATM's worldwide.

Sharing money with the Swirl MasterCard is a quick, easy and cheap service:

  • No documents to fill out
  • Competitive exchange rates with MasterCard
  • Money available instantly


  • Purchase a Swirl MasterCard for €5.95 and load up to €250 straight away.
  • Register the card online at www.swirlcard.com to activate your card.
  • A five digit verification code will be sent out to your registered address. Once you have confirmed this code back to us your account will be fully activated and you can send it to your friend or family member.
  • That's it! The receiver can either withdraw the funds from an ATM* or spend the money anywhere that MasterCard is accepted.
  • If you want to continue topping up the card please contact our helpdesk on 01 6877 985 and we will request for a separate loading card to be sent to you. Alternatively you can log into the online account and top up instantly using a Debit card.

*The maximum amount that can be withdrawn from the card at an ATM is €1,000. Any remaining funds on the card can be spent online or in-store.

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