SWIRL Worldwide Gift Card

Available across Ireland, SWIRL Gift Card is great as a present for Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays, Kids, Corporate, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day - the list is endless. The Gift of Choice.

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Use at 30 Million Online & Retail locations globally

  • Gift €10 - €500 per card & Use In-store & Online
  • Available online with quick delivery and from 1,000 stores across Ireland Click Here
  • Not restricted to one shopping centre, use anywhere in the world
  • Send a gift to Australia, UK, USA, Canada, & more - it can be used anywhere you see the Mastercard logo
  • No more own store gift vouchers, get the freedom of a global gift
  • SWIRL gift is accepted at all online shops, all airlines, all stores that accept Mastercard including Amazon, eBay, Smyths Toys, iTunes, Sports Direct, Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Argos, Penneys, Boots, TK Maxx, Littlewoods and 30 million more!!

Why Gift Cards ?



"A 2014 survey from online retailer Rakuten showed almost three out of four people won't like the gifts they receive this season.

Let's do some quick Moneyball here: Based on these two studies, most gifts have a 25% approval rating, while gift cards have a 37% approval rating. Gee, I wonder which one I should pick..."


Why I Love Gift Cards

Gift cards tend to have a bad reputation, perhaps because the receiver thinks they are too impersonal. But I would much rather get a gift card (or cash) than something I can't use or clothing that doesn't fit. There's nothing worse than having to return a gift. Not only can it be a hassle, but it's also difficult to explain to your aunt why you aren't wearing that argyle sweater vest she gave you for Christmas.

If you are looking for that perfect gift, here are a five reasons gift cards can make life easier for you and the person receiving.
  • Gift Cards Guarantee Gifts People Will Love

  • They Save Money and Time

  • You Can Buy Gifts Without Leaving Home

  • They Make Giving and Receiving More Fun

  • Gift Cards Can Be Practical

Why I Love SWIRL Gift Cards

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