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Engage Your Team All Year with SWIRL Employee Rewards

Smiling female employee receiving a SWIRL gift card for outstanding performance, with colleagues applauding in the background, exemplifying effective staff rewards
Smiling female employee receiving a SWIRL gift card for outstanding performance, with colleagues applauding in the background, exemplifying effective staff rewards

The tradition of Christmas or end of year gifting is well entrenched in corporate culture, but what about the rest of the year? Non cash employee rewards have become a cornerstone of employee recognition programs, and their utility stretches far beyond the festive season. Keeping employees engaged year-round is not just beneficial; it’s essential for maintaining a thriving workplace. Here’s how SWIRL gift cards can transform your approach to continuous employee motivation. 

The Importance of Year-Round Recognition

Employee engagement shouldn’t be a once-a-year event. Regular recognition is key to building a loyal, motivated workforce. Recognising the small wins as well as the big achievements keeps morale high and employees focused. It’s consistent acknowledgment that helps foster a culture of appreciation and respect. A Mastercard gift card from SWIRL, which can be enjoyed in countless ways, serves as an ongoing reminder to employees that their efforts are valued. 

Occasions for Employee Rewards

From work anniversaries and project completions to personal milestones like birthdays and weddings, there are ample opportunities to implement employee rewards in your company. Each occasion is a touchpoint for employers to show they care. Why not celebrate an employee’s leadership with a gift card that they can spend at their leisure on something that is personal and meaningful to them? Or perhaps mark the end of a successful quarter with gift cards to thank your team for their hard work. The possibilities are endless with the versatility that SWIRL gift cards offer as they’re accepted at over 45 million locations worldwide ! 

Here are some other examples of when you can use Employee Rewards to keep staff engaged outside of the traditional gifting season

  • Retirements 
  • Work Anniversaries or length of service awards 
  • Quarterly target completion rewards 
  • Company event spot prizes 
  • Career achievements 
  • Leadership awards 
  • Ongoing incentive programs 

Why SWIRL Gift Cards Are the Employee Reward of Choice

SWIRL gift cards stand out in the landscape of employee rewards cards. They are not just another item that will end up forgotten in a drawer. They are a passport to experiences, a gateway to purchases that employees actually want, and a practical and convenient way to enjoy a tax-free bonus. Here’s why you should choose SWIRL: 


SWIRL gift cards can be spent anywhere Mastercard is accepted, offering unparalleled choice to your staff. This means at over 45 million locations, worldwide ! Wherever the Mastercard symbol is displayed including online, in stores, hotels, restaurants and more.  

Tax Benefits

Under the small benefit exemption scheme, companies can offer tax-free rewards for staff once certain criteria are met (learn more about this here), SWIRL Gift complies with the scheme rules, making our gift card the financially smart option when it comes to maximising the reward for employees and savings for the company.

Customer Service

Our dedicated corporate sales team are committed to providing the highest level of customer service to our corporate clients and will work diligently to tailor a bespoke rewards plan to suit each companies’ individual needs.

In Conclusion

Employee engagement is a year-round commitment that requires thoughtful, ongoing strategies. SWIRL gift cards provide a dynamic tool for employers to keep their teams motivated, appreciated, and engaged no matter the season. By incorporating these versatile gift cards into your rewards program, you’re not just giving a one-time gift; you’re investing in a cycle of recognition and reward that nurtures a positive work environment and drives continuous performance. Choose SWIRL and make every day a rewarding one for your team. 

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