What is a SWIRL Prepaid Virtual Card?


SWIRL Prepaid Virtual Cards are a digital form of payment that mirrors the functionality of our conventional physical prepaid MasterCard. Designed exclusively for online use, these virtual cards facilitate purchases, transactions, and payments in a secure and convenient manner. Check out some of the main features of SWIRL Virtual Cards: 

Virtual Format:

SWIRL Virtual Cards exist in a digital or virtual format, meaning they are not physical cards and are designed for online transactions only. 

Prepaid Mastercard:

These cards are also prepaid, meaning customers can top-up their cards Iin-app anytime they need to. These cards are perfect for safer money management as you can only spend, they amount you have topped-up. It’s that simple. 


Our Virtual Mastercards offer customers an enhanced level of security when making online purchases. By adding this extra layer of security when making online transactions as they allow you to remove the need to share your main debit or credit cards to pay, keeping those details safer and secure.  


Like the main physical SWIRL Mastercard, virtual cards provide a level of privacy as they do not reveal customers personal credit or debit card information during online transactions. making them a perfect choice for anyone who is extra security conscious when making purchases online. 


Virtual cards are inherently more secure than physical cards. They are not susceptible to physical theft or loss and are issued instantly once account registration has been completed in-app.  These cards also offer a convenient way to make online purchases without using a physical card, making them ideal for online shopping and subscriptions. 

App Integration:

After customers have completed the SWIRL account registration in-app, SWIRL Cards can easily be accessed by logging into the app and choosing their Virtual card from the drop-down. Once they have done this, they can monitor their virtual balance, top-up in a few taps and view card details all in one place, perfect for quick online transactions on the go.  

If you are interested in learning more about the world of SWIRL Virtual Cards click here or would like to start using your very own SWIRL Virtual card right now, simply click here to download the SWIRL App, top up your Virtual card in-app and start using it to pay online today!  

If you think SWIRL Prepaid Mastercard is the perfect choice for you, simply download our SWIRL App here and start your journey to financial freedom today or find our more information about our products here.