SWIRL Mastercard Gift Card

One Gift, 45 million choices.....

SWIRL Mastercard Gift Card has it all, with zero restrictions on where you can spend - in shops and online. Load from €10 to €1,000 TAX FREE and use worldwide - wherever you see the Mastercard sign.

Order online today for quick delivery in 5-7 working days or contact us for more information/payment options.

Order online today with quick delivery.

Why SWIRL Gift Card is the best option for Employee Rewards

  • Use online & in shops at 45 million retailers worldwide (anywhere Mastercard is accepted)
  • Reward employees up to €1,000 TAX FREE
  • Quick activation - no employee ID required
  • No online spend limit - 100% of gift card be spent online
  • 100% Irish owned, orders fulfilled in Ireland
  • 69% of consumers see receiving gift cards from their employers as a reward.
  • High customer satisfaction rate

Revenue Small Benefits Scheme

SWIRL Gift cards can be used as part of the small benefits scheme in Ireland where employees can receive a bonus of up to €500 per year. This bonus is a once-off, tax free benefit and does not qualify if given as cash or through payroll but it can be in the form of gift cards like SWIRL.

The SWIRL Gift Card is swipe and sign only and does not allow for ATM or cash back access. This means it does not count as cash and can be loaded, tax-free with up to €500.

Businesses can save up to €652 by choosing to reward employees using SWIRL Gift Cards rather than through the Payroll.

Reward paid through Payroll Reward paid using SWIRL Gift Card
Bonus €500 €500
PAYE €416 €0
PRSI & USC €125 €0
Sub Total €1041 €500
PRSI er €111 €0
Total €1,152 €500
Reward paid through Payroll Reward paid using SWIRL Gift Card
Bonus €500
PAYE(@40%) €416
PRSI & USC €125
Sub Total €1041
PRSI er €111
Gift Card Value €500
Sub Total €500
PRSI er €0
Total Cost : €1,152 Total Cost : €500

Why Employees Prefer SWIRL Gift

  • Swipe & sign Mastercard that can be used at 45 million locations worldwide.
  • Can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, in store and online.
  • Quick and easy registration.
  • No ID Required.
  • Mobile app to manage account.
  • Irish based help desk.
  • Live web chat.
  • No transaction fees.

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SWIRL App available to access your Gift account at any time

  • Easy Registration
  • Quick Login
  • View Balance & Trancations
  • Track Spending
  • Live Chat
  • Reveal Card Details
  • Biometric Security

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