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Insider Insights: What Our Latest Customer Survey Says About Employee Reward Preferences


Exploring the Impact: What Our Customers Say About SWIRL Gift Cards

In our ongoing commitment to enhance our customer’s experience, we recently surveyed our valued corporate customers to gather feedback on their recent SWIRL Gift Cards experience. Today, we’re excited to share these insights, which not only reflect our strengths but also guide our future improvements. For anyone considering staff gift cards, these findings highlight why SWIRL stands out in the marketplace. 

We reached out to our diverse customer base this past month, collecting responses from dedicated users of SWIRL Gift Cards. 

Key Findings - Customer Satisfaction and Usage:

Why choose SWIRL staff Gift Cards ?

Our customers chose SWIRL Gift Cards primarily for their better acceptance and versatility, with an overwhelming majority of respondents applauding this feature.

Other notable reasons included: 

  • Referrals from colleagues, friends and family
  • Our straightforward ordering process 
  • Fair and competitive pricing 
  • Outstanding customer service

Overall Customer Experience with SWIRL Gift:

A massive 87% of our respondents reported being satisfied with their overall experience with SWIRL, affirming the effectiveness of SWIRL staff Gift Cards in meeting their needs, resolving issues effectively and delivering a versatile product that their staff love. 

Ease of Ordering & Card Management

Over 93% of our corporate customers found ordering and managing their SWIRL Gift Cards either easy or very easy, reinforcing our commitment to user-friendly solutions. 

Our straightforward, one page online form makes it fast and easy to order employee rewards, reducing admin time and the amount of information that needs to be gathered before placing an order.

Likelihood to Use and Recommend SWIRL Staff Gift Cards:

An overwhelming 9 out of 10 respondents said they would be delighted to continue using SWIRL Gift Cards for their employee reward needs showcasing strong customer loyalty and satisfaction. At SWIRL, we experience a high number of returning customers and we’re always happy to tailor our services to make the process as easy as possible, especially for our customers who reward their employees regularly on an ongoing basis.

Encountered Issues and Recommendations:

While our service was well-received overall, some customers did face issues like delivery challenges or delayed delivery times. We’ve taken this feedback seriously, and it is a crucial part of our roadmap for enhancements and improvements.  

Join our happy customers !

Our customer feedback drives our continuous improvement and we’re committed to continuously refining and enhancing every aspect of our service to ensure that SWIRL Gift Cards remain your preferred choice for staff rewards.  

Are you ready to enhance your employee rewards strategy? Discover our versatile staff gift cards today and see why so many businesses trust SWIRL when it comes to staff gift cards and rewards.

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