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Maximising Tax Free Allowance in Ireland with SWIRL

Gift Cards for Tax Free Allowance in Ireland

Rewarding employees is not just a practice of goodwill; it’s a strategic move that can boost morale and, surprisingly, provide financial benefits to both the employer and the employee. In Ireland, the small benefit exemption scheme offers an avenue for employers to provide non-cash bonuses up to €1000, as a tax free allowance, to their employees each year. 

Understanding Ireland's Tax Free Allowance

The Revenue Commissioners allow for a tax-free reward under certain conditions, and SWIRL gift cards are the perfect vehicle to deliver this benefit. Not only do these gift cards fall under the “small benefit exemption scheme,” but they are also a versatile and appreciated reward by employees across the country. You can learn more about Revenue’s small benefit exemption scheme and its criteria in our guide here 

Tax Savings with SWIRL Gift Cards

By utilizing SWIRL gift cards, employers can ensure that they fully comply with the Revenue guidelines while maximizing their expenses. These gift cards can be used by payroll workers to provide a tax-free bonus in Ireland, effectively saving on PAYE, PRSI, and USC contributions that would typically apply to cash bonuses. 

The Perks for Employers and Employees

For employers, the advantage is clear: a reduction in overall payroll costs and a simplified process for rewarding employees. For employees, the benefit is equally attractive: a tax-free bonus that can be spent across a multitude of outlets and services, enhancing their purchasing power. 

Choose SWIRL Gift Cards for Compliance and Convenience

With SWIRL gift cards, you’re not only ensuring compliance with the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme, but you’re also offering a gift of choice and flexibility. Employees can use their SWIRL gift cards in a wide range of categories, from dining out to shopping for essentials. 

Incorporating SWIRL gift cards into your company’s reward program is not just about staying compliant; it’s about providing a meaningful and financially savvy bonus to your valued employees. Embrace the small benefit scheme and contribute positively to your team’s morale and your company’s bottom line.  

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