Swirl Ireland's Favourite Prepaid Mastercard

Why Gift With Swirl

Employee Recognition

Offering rewards and recognition is a great way to keep employees happy and loyal. When employees feel valued for their work, they're more likely to stay engaged and stick around. Recognizing their efforts and achievements helps build a positive workplace where everyone feels appreciated. This not only makes employees happier but also encourages them to continue doing their best, which is great for both employee and the company.

Tax Efficient

Utilizing gift cards as a means of rewarding staff can be highly tax-efficient, especially under Ireland's Small Benefit Exemption scheme. This scheme allows for a single benefit of up to €1000 to be given to an employee tax-free. Incorporating gift cards into your employee rewards program aligns perfectly with this regulation, offering a practical and compliant method to appreciate your team's hard work.

Motivate staff

Our gift cards are an excellent tool for recognizing and rewarding your employees' hard work, playing a key role in your employee rewards program. They not only acknowledge individual achievements but also significantly boost morale and enhance motivation among your staff. By integrating these gift cards into your employee rewards strategy, you create a tangible expression of appreciation that resonates with employees, encouraging continued dedication and excellence in their roles.

Cost effective

Gift cards are an exceptionally cost-effective method to reward employees. They offer the flexibility of bulk purchasing, which is ideal for businesses looking to acknowledge their team's efforts. These employee rewards can be tailored and distributed to staff members who meet certain performance criteria or achieve specific milestones. This approach not only optimizes budget allocation but also enhances the visibility of your employee rewards program

Flexibility & Ease of use

With SWIRL Employee Rewards employees can choose what they want to buy, allowing them to get something they genuinely want or need. Our cards are easy to use and can be redeemed at a wide variety of retailers in Ireland, making them simple for employees to use.