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Top up with cash, online or via bank transfer and use your funds anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.
No risk of over spending or getting into debt. It’s prepaid so no high interest rates or late payment fees to worry about. The safe way to pay.

Load €25,000 per Annum

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Everybody knows that the best deals are found online. Swirl Mastercard is designed to allow you to shop safely online and avail of those bargains without risking your bank or credit card details.
  • Protect your bank account and Credit card
  • Shop Anywhere Mastercard Is Accepted
  • Protect your personal information
  • Protect your bank account and Credit card
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Save Money

Save Money

Choosing to use a Prepaid Mastercard allows you to save money - a real alternative to an increasing credit card balance. With Swirl Mastercard you wont incur any interest charges, administration or late payment fees.
  • Save €25 On Government Stamp Duty
  • Save €288 On Interest Charges*
  • No Penalties Or Late Payment Fees
  • Avoid Impulse Buying

* Based on an average credit card balance of €1,600 per annum

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Travel Benefits

Swirl Mastercard is a convenient alternative to traveller's cheques as it allows you to access your funds at any ATM worldwide displaying the Mastercard logo.
  • Manage Your budget While Travelling
  • Less Risk Of Over-Spending
  • Use In ATM's, Online & In Store
  • Protect your bank account and Credit card
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Travel Benefits
Avoid Debt

Avoid Debt

Swirl's prepaid card allows you to only spend what you have on your account therefore eliminating the possibility of credit card debt. Why stress yourself out worrying about your ever growing credit card balances.
  • No Interest Charges &Late Payment Fees
  • No Possibility Of Over-Spending
  • No Link To A Bank Account
  • Pay Now, Buy Later
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