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J1 Visa

Manage your J1 spending with Swirl Mastercard

Thinking of applying for a J1 Visa this Summer? Want easy access to cash while you're settling in abroad? Swirl Mastercard is the perfect solution to all your spending needs. Our Prepaid Mastercard is a safer and more convenient alternative to carrying cash while you're away. The best thing is there are no credit checks or documents required to open an account.

Safe and secure

  • Safer than carrying cash around with you
  • Track your spending and balance 24/7 through your online account
  • No debt (you can only spend what is loaded onto your card)

Perfect for controlling your gap year spending while abroad

  • Top up your card to a maximum of €2,500 (€25,000 if you have the upgraded limit) before you leave
  • Use your card to spend money in shops, restaurants & hotels at over 30 million locations worldwide
  • Withdraw funds from over 1 million ATM's, so you'll never be short of cash

If you don't want to load all your funds onto your card before you leave home you can top up online using your Visa Debit card. Alternatively you can request a separate loading card* to give to a friend or family member who can top you up if you need a "refill". Once loaded, the funds are instantly available on your Mastercard for spending.

* A separate loading card can be requested by contacting our Helpdesk on 01 6877 985.