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Use SWIRL Gift Card & SWIRL Mastercard within your company for,

  • Tax efficient employee incentives, bonuses & Gifts - great for employee rewards or gifts for customers; Employees receiving a €250 bonus paid via a SWIRL Gift Card could save you €280 in Tax and PRSI. See table below
  • Expenses - no more out of control company credit cards, it allows you to control spending in advance. NO more surprises. Top up cards while employees are travelling. All transactions are electronic and will have timed receipts to increase transparency. NOT YET AVAILABLE
  • Payroll Card - high employee turnover, distance working, field employees, employees with no Bank accounts. Keep it simple & transfer payroll onto a Payroll MasterCard. NOT YET AVAILABLE

Since 1st Jan 2005, you can award your employees up to €250, once a year, as per the small BIK allowance ruling, without paying tax or PRSI. Just look at the savings this offers over cash*

To give an employee €250
cash you must pay €532.45

You can save €282.45 by giving a Gift Card

  1. Cash
  2. PAYE (@42%)
  3. PRSI ee
  4. Sub Total
  5. PRSI er
  1. €250.00
  2. €201.93
  3. €28.85
  4. €480.78
  5. €51.66
  1. Gift Card Value
  2. PAYE
  3. PRSI ee
  4. Sub Total
  5. PRSI er
  1. €250.00
  2. €0
  3. €0
  4. €250.00
  5. €0
  1. Total Cost
  1. €532.45
  1. Total Cost
  1. €250.00

*When ordering gift cards please indicate if you are looking to achieve the small BIK tax relief as configuration of the card may differ.
Also, independent tax advice should be sought by companies if considering this scheme. Link to revenue tax guidance below:http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/it/leaflets/benefit-in-kind/overview.html#section3

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